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MRH SOAP INDUSTRIES PVT LTD. is a household & laundry specialist in India. Have a one of emerging brand as Lemei detergent. Lemei is the best value for money. There have well researched innovative  products. Innovation is our key . They also care of consumers needs. Lemei Detergent powder manufacturing has always stayed at the forefront of technology, innovation and quality built on a backbone of a strong infrastructure. State of art and technology and equipment are the norm at every plant. Quality processes and the best practices ensure that what reaches each customer is world class quality at an affordable cost. he company has procured fully-automated machines and equipment which have already been commissioned and are producing quality products. The plants are also in process of having fully automated.


It’s hard to top detergent packs for convenience and it’s also hard to top Tide Pods in our tests, which is why they are backed by our Good Housekeeping Seal. They earned the most perfect scores, removing mud, chocolate, gravy, grass, and more from cotton and polyester fabric swatches in both warm and cold water.
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